The internet has fundamentally altered the way people explore, discover, learn, share, shop and connect. With more then half of all US residents and more then 3/4 of adults online, it is no surprise that marketers are shifting their budgets towards inbound marketing.  By definition, inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on getting found by customers - social media is a means to accomplish this goal. 
Is Social Media Really Free?
Yes, you can set up a new blog, Facebook fan page, video site, and Twitter account without paying a dime.  Therefore, you can certainly enter the social media game, for free.  However, to be successful at using social media as a tool and resource for your business, it is far from free.  Social media requires time, energy, and effort.  It's an on-going commitment to create interesting content, listen to conversations, and respond. 
Why Pay Someone to Manage Your Social Media Marketing?
More than two-thirds of small businesses are using social media to market their products/brands.  At the same time, one-third of these companies report a lack of time and resources as being their top online marketing challenge.  Even if you’re pretty savvy when it comes to social media, you wear many hats as a business owner… and you probably want to have a life outside of work. The bar for success will be set much higher when you’re actually paying someone to do it.  Engaging, growing and monetizing your fan base can take several hours a day or more.  Why pay a full-time salary to an employee with large task lists when you can hire a social media consultant to establish measurable goals and ensure that your social media spending is moving the needle for your business.
What can Little Black Dress Media do for you?

Social Media Strategy Development, Implementation and Management 
Increase Targeted Traffic to Website and Social Networking Sites
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
Custom Metric Analytics and Reporting
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